Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun Cousins

So these pictures were in March, but I just uploaded them to my computer and they are so adorable!

These are my fabulous cousins Sadie and Annie. Also my adorable sis Meggie

Sadie has A really Sweet hairdo!

Look how chunky she is! I love that a two year old is wearing a Tankini! We have a Family reunion in July and we will be able to see them again! I can't wait, family reunions are truly my favorite and it will most likely be the highlight of my summer!

Oh the joy of summer and watermelon

So today while my mom was asleep I was supposed to take care of my little brother Matthew and his friend, Bryce Christiansen. I love these two boys, they are so entertaining. They were trying to launch the watermelon with their spoons. It was hilarious. Yeah Summer days....and watermelon....
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

I am With Permit

So about a month ago, my mom and I drove to the DMV in Hurricane (it makes no sense to me why it is in Hurricane, I mean the place is microscopic and way far away from civilization), none the less, we finally got there. There was much anticipation as we got out of the car. I was there to take the driving permit test. In Utah, you have to have your permit for at least six months before you can receive your license. I had heard terrible stories of people failing the test...which also means you fail life. I had studied the handbook, and it ended up paying off! I got 90% on my test. The questions that I missed were about farmers and soldiers and army members in other states. As I don't plan on being either, I feel pretty good about the test. Still my mom wouldn't let me drive home. But once we got home, the entire family got in the Rodeo and we went for a drive for about an hour. I had three people telling me instructions, advice, opinions, and random nonsense (that part was Matt, the rest my loving mother and father). Overall, it went pretty well.

Since then, I have driven quite a bit. And if I do say so myself, I don't think I'm half bad! I'm sure some are smirking at this comment, but oh well. About a week ago, my mom presented me with a key to the rodeo. I have to admit, that having a key gives a strange sense of power! So of course I find some keychains that I want to use. I also admit that the ratio is off: 3 keychains to 1 actual key, but I felt that it was needed. In comparison, check out my mom's key ring! Those are some serious keys. When she tosses them to you, it is like hurling a spiky weapon at someone. Anyways, getting off subject. I like driving, I think it is really fun to be able to get myself somewhere. I still am not allowed to drive on the freeway, but my mom thinks I'm getting close.

Also an update: I'm out of school! I am now officially a sophomore, and go to Snow Canyon High school! I'm really excited for this next year. Yeah summer!
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Tomorrow is my last day of my Freshman year. Overall, it has been a good year. There were some crazy days, but tomorrow that will all be over! Parts of this year have gone so slowly, but the past couple of weeks have flown by! I am most definitely ready for a break. Summer here I come!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gottta love strict English Teachers

So right now, I should be in English. However, I was told to leave my classroom. I absolutely love my English teacher. She teaches me so much about the world, not just English. But at this moment, I'm not very happy. We have been reading this book about the middle-east and we were now going to watch a movie about it. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to to bring in my parent permission slip because it is rated PG13. I forgot this because it is my beautiful sister's birthday (Happy 10th B-day Meggie, You are the best). Most teachers would hurry and let me call my mom to receive permission. However, MY teacher won't, even though I'm one of the few who have actually completed this assignment. But I must say she is the best teacher I've ever had, even if she is extremely strict! So here I am in my school library because I didn't turn in my permission slip, with nothing to you but to rant to fellow bloggers. Happy Tuesday...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Student Council: A very late thank you!

This is extremely late, but I do want to thank everyone who ended up helping me with student council ideas. I ended up photo shopping an ipod and making a "taylist" instead of a playlist, and inserted my own picture where the artist's should go. I felt pretty cool having my own ipod. I put them on my posters and said "Add Tay to Your Playlist!". It ended up pretty fun, and I was pleased.

This was the picture I used for my poster, I call it my "withering stare".

This is a picture of me goofing off when my mom was taking a picture of me. I've decided that I don't like when it is just me in a picture, way better to have other people with you.
Well I feel like I have the coolest family ever, because everyone really loved their ideas and it was a big hit. However, I was rejected by the student body and was not made the sophomore class secretary. Although I'm extremely disappointed I really had fun campaigning, thanks again everyone!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Student Council.... Help!

I'm running for Student Council! I'm running for the sophomore class secretary (I know, pretty intense). So I need a fabulous slogan/an amazing campaign idea. I can't think of anything spectacular. I need help, if any one has any brilliant, or not so brilliant ideas, please let me know!